Westwood Robotics @ICRA2022, Philadelphia

Westwood Robotics was in exhibition at ICRA2022, Philadelphia
We were also pleased to have researchers from RoMeLa(Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory)@UCLA showing off their most recent research results of BRUCE(Bipedal Robot Unit with Compliance Enhanced). BRUCE is a dynamic kid-size humanoid robot developed at RoMeLa in collaboration with Westwood Robotics. Research results by researcher from RoMeLa has been published and presented at ICRA2022. (Link to the paper: Design and Control of a Miniature Bipedal Robot with Proprioceptive Actuation for Dynamic Behaviors)
BRUCE will become an open-platform for research and education. For more information on latest updates, release date and collaboration, please contact us at: info@westwoodrobotics.io.