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Koala BEAR

Dimensions: 63.5x62x37 mm
Weight: 250g
Peak Torque (15 sec): 4.2Nm
Peak Torque (1.5 sec): 14Nm

Our smallest, lightweight actuator optimized for compact applications needing less torque but still force sensing and live compliance capabilities, such as robotic end-effectors, small legged robots and medical devices.

Koala BEAR

尺寸:63.5x62x37mm              峰值扭矩-15:  4.2 Nm

重量:250g                                    峰值扭矩-1.5: 10.5 Nm

工作电压: 9~33.6V(3~8S)      速度常数:27.3RPM/V 


Panda BEAR

Dimensions: 113x113x49.7 mm
Weight: 650g
Peak Torque (15 sec): 11.1Nm
Peak Torque (1.5 sec): 29.6Nm

Panda BEAR Plus

Dimensions: 113x113x49.7 mm
Weight: 925g
Peak Torque (15 sec): 33Nm
Peak Torque (1.5 sec): 67Nm

The Do-It-All actuator that has the right balance of torque, weight, and form factor. Its excellent dynamic performance and payload capability makes it well suited for diverse applications ranging from legged mobile robots to service and entertainment robots.

Panda BEAR

尺寸:113x113x49.7mm                    峰值扭矩-15秒:16.8 Nm

重量:685g                                               峰值扭矩-1.5秒:33.5 Nm

工作电压:9~50.4V(3~12S)               速度常数:14.3RPM/V 

Panda BEAR Plus

尺寸:113x113x49.7mm                     峰值扭矩-15秒:33 Nm

重量:925g                                                峰值扭矩-1.5秒:67 Nm

工作电压:9~50.4V(3~12S)                速度常数:7.1RPM/V


Kodiak BEAR

Dimensions: 200x200x50 mm
Weight: ~1.5kg
Peak Torque (15 sec): ~50Nm
Peak Torque (1.5 sec): ~180Nm

The strongest line-up specifically built to provide maximum torque for big applications ranging from walking humanoids to industrial manipulators, while maintain agile torque sensing and control capabilities.

Kodiak BEAR

尺寸:200x200x50mm                           峰值扭矩-15秒:~50 Nm

重量:~1.5kg                                              峰值扭矩-1.5秒:~180 Nm